Replace my Bench Top


A new stone benchtop is a surprisingly low-stress way to enhance the heart of your home where people naturally gather and connect. Whether you’re savouring a cuppa with friends or making dinner for children and family visiting home again, a gorgeous benchtop is something you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy every day. It brings a timeless beauty to your home that no one can walk past without noticing.
Why invest in ...

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Main Types of Bench Tops

With so many bench top product types and colours available on the market, choosing one could be quite overwhelming and exciting. So what type of bench top are you wanting?


Here the main types of bench top you can choose from:


This is the cheapest option for your bench top. Until recently it has been the standard bench top product for most Kiwi homes.

If you ...

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The Birth of the Thames Business Network

It all started exactly a year ago when I hopped into the car at 5:30 in the morning to attend a BNI breakfast (Business Network International) in Pukekoe. A month before we had spoken to a very successful tradesman in Auckland who explained that 80% of the work he gets is from the BNI group that he attends.

To briefly explain the BNI concept, it is a group in your area that ...

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Granite Bench tops Going Gone?

For the last 10 years, granite has been regarded as the most favored bench top stone material. Granite is a natural stone that is relatively heat resistant, durable and comes in fantastic, unique and natural colours. No two slabs are the same. However, it also has major flaws and for quite some time now, several bench top materials are emerging and competing with it.


Maintenance Issues

For ...

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Our Customer reviews – Tips and suggestions from our customers

I recently surveyed some of our most recent customers and thought that some of
their comments and suggestions would be perfect to put into a blog. Check out
the top comments:

Q: What made you decide to get your kitchen renovated?
Top answers/comments:

  • My husband and I were both sick at the same time and we realized we needed a new kitchen. Something that would be easy to work and that we enjoyed being in as we became older.
  • 15 years after my ...
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2014 Kitchen Ideas and Trends

Some eight years ago, home renovations were the entire fad. When recession hit, homeowners spent less. But now that the economy is showing signs of picking up, homeowners are a little more willing to spend and invest more in their home and what better place than the Kitchen. Now here are some areas that you can transform in your kitchen:

More new houses nowadays are constructed with open floor plans. In the event that you choose to remodel your kitchen ...

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Kitchen Colour Schemes by Turton/Oliver

I love a kitchen with personality and good taste; a kitchen should be the heartbeat of a home.
Over the years as being an interior designer of Turton Oliver we have been involved in many refurbishments of kitchens and new kitchen designs. My success stories are when a client recaptures the love of cooking and entertaining. They LOVE spending time in their new kitchen. Kitchens have gone beyond a mere place to prepare food and now have become a place ...

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Repairing Chipped Granite Bench Tops

A kitchen is an area where we cook and prepare our food. A typical kitchen is composed of a sink, cooking stoves, cabinets and electric appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers. More often than not, what makes kitchens stand out is its granite bench tops.

Known for its durability and strength, not to mention its natural beauty, granite has always been one of the top choices for kitchen bench tops or countertops. This natural stone is heat resistant; ...

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