Should I get a Concrete or Marble Kitchen Benchtop?

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Should I get a Concrete or Marble Kitchen Benchtop?

Both concrete and marble in their real forms are extremely difficult to maintain over a long period of time.
Marble, being a natural stone is extremely pours and prone ...

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Caesarstone launches 3 new colours Statuario Nuvo, Fresh Concrete and Raw Concrete

Caesarstone has launched the release of 3 brand new colours to their New Zealand range:

I am always excited about new colour releases especially with a big brand like Caesarstone.  They have the top designers, researches and colour technicians creating and selecting the perfect colours and patterns for the current kitchen.

The introduction of Statuario Nuvo™ boasting its marble look was no ‘chin on the floor’ surprise. The marble pattern in engineered stone is not a new idea to the ...

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Kitchen bench top replacement – a growing trend.


I will be so bold as to say that your kitchen benchtop is one of the most used surfaces in your home. From making your morning cup of coffee, preparing meals for the mundane and special occasions, right up to pouring a glass of wine at the end of a long day for that special person in your life.

A kitchen benchtop can be an undervalued furnishing in your home so if ...

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My Sink is Falling Out of My Granite Benchtop

If you granite benchtop has everything but the kitchen sink you are not the only one. Sinks can separate from stone benchtops for 2 main reasons:
1. Poor installation: If the correct specifications and quality materials have not been used or followed this can result in glues not binding effectively to the stone material of your benchtop.
2. Age: Your benchtop may have been installed over 10 years ago which could mean that the adhesive products may just not ...

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Composite / Engineered stone Kitchen Benchtops – A growing trend in kitchen design


There has never been a better time to be in the market for a new kitchen benchtop. Once apon a time you were limited to a few mottled laminate colours, but now, a home owner is able to choose from hundreds of colours, patters, textures in materials ranging from natural stone to composite stone, concrete, wood, acrylic and ceramic tile. Of all of these choices, Composite Stone or Quartz remains the ...

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Our laminate benchtop had a faded patch which always bothered us

Mike and his wife Anne are real jet setters and spend a lot of their time abroad. They have their house powered by solar panels and they are certianly a very interesting couple who are clearly enjoying their retirement. When, finally, I found them at home they were only to pleased to share their ‘benchtop story with me’ For which I’m so grateful and some of the reasons around why they replaced their benchtop and chose the ...

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