Which engineered stone or quartz is the best product?

blanco Matrix, silestone

What brand of engineered stone is the best?

Are some brands better than others when it comes to engineered stone?   Short answer, Yes.

Here is a list of worldwide recognized brands Stone Italiana, Santa Margherita, Caesarstone, Technistone, Cosentino (Silestone), Cambria, Seieffe, Quarella, Privilege, Silicalia, Hanwha, AKG, Dupont, Vicostone, Diresco, Falat, ZKM, Pokarna, Quartzforms, LG, Belenco, Samsung, Daelim

In New Zealand only Three of these world wide recognized companies have a real presence ...

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4 Easy steps to replacing your kitchen benchtop

A kitchen benchtop replacement is a surprisingly low-stress and easy way to enhance the heart of your home where people naturally gather and connect. Follow our easy 4 step process and we will have your benchtop replaced in ONE DAY.

free home consultation

  1. Call us – We will talk to you about your kitchen and your benchtop, understand what you envision for your ...
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The story behind our new brand name

We are excited and extremely proud to bring you our new name and identity:
Love My Kitchen Benchtop.

We started our business as Coromandel Benchtops in 2010. The vision of bringing local homeowners stunning stone benchtops was an exhilarating idea and we launched into the ambitious role of entrepreneurial businesses owners. As we navigated through the journey of creating and owning a business, ...

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Free home consultation

Make the right choice for your kitchen benchtop in your own home.

Choosing a colour for your kitchen benchtop can be one of the most challenging tasks. Unlimited choice can be paralyzing and prevent some one from making a choice to change altogether. That is why we offer a free consultation at your home so that you are able to see large stone ...

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What is Quartz, Engineered Stone or Man-made stone?

Lets get the name right


There’s often  confusion  between tradesmen and homeowners when it comes to quartz benchtops.  This can be because the tradesman are so use to using terms like engineered stone, man-made stone, quartz, and they presume that everyone one will know what they are talking about.

To get the name right first.  Engineered stone, quartz, and man made stone are all different ...

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Why is quartz the best product for my kitchen bench?

If you are renovating your kitchen, building a new home or thinking of the simple benchtop replacement this question almost always comes up first “What product should I choose for my kitchen benchtop?”.

With so many different options out there it definitely does not make the decision easier, in fact , sometimes it stops you from making a decision altogether. Instead of giving you the list of different product options and the ...

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Jenny’s Story – How I chose the right colour for my kitchen benchtop

I’ve just sat for 2 hours talking to Jenny – a very happy client. She is just a wealth of knowledge when It comes to home design and it comes out in her home where everything has been carefully selected and placed, giving her home an overall look of style but also that warm, welcoming comfort.

Jenny completely renovated her home but it’s the kitchen, she tells me, is what she finds the most personal and important space. She has done ...

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Roy’s Benchtop Replacement Story

We can’t wait to have our family come and admire our new kitchen benchtop these holidays!


We love our home and my wife spends a great deal of time in the kitchen because she enjoys it. Our formica bench top was 18 years old and had begun to fade in certain parts. Louis hated the faded patches and it just made the entire kitchen look worn. We are in our late seventies ...

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A benchtop replacement transformed my kitchen in just one day.

Wendy is one of our very happy customers who was able to completely transform her kitchen her journey and story of how she decided on a bench top replacement I though would be excellent to share.

Wendy had been looking at replacing her bench top for a number of months. “I was never happy with my benchtop from the beginning,” she tells me “When we were building there were so many decisions to be made and I was rushed into it. ...

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