Why Choose Us As Your Kitchen Benchtop Supplier

At Love My Kitchen Benchtop, our aim is to give you more than a new benchtop. It is to deliver an exceptional experience and to make your kitchen a place you truly and simply love.

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We get a kick out of knowing that you will smile every day when you walk into your kitchen and you see your custom-made stone benchtop crafted especially for you. Yes, we take exceptional care when crafting your stone benchtop, it is what we enjoy doing – but what is even more important to us is the belief and hope that we will bring you exceptional service and quality, adding value and satisfaction to your home and your life.

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Our Unique 6 Point Guarantee

We Guarantee:

1. Your kitchen benchtop will be fully installed in just 1 day.

2. We’ll leave your kitchen clean and gleaming.

3. We’ll arrive at the agreed time.

4. You will love our friendly, expert service.

5. Your friends will say “I love your kitchen benchtop!”.

6. You will want to refer us.



  • Expertise and passion – Lisa and Clive, along with their small manufacturing team, are true benchtop specialists who know their craft and love what they do. Your benchtop will be personally crafted by someone who cares about beauty and quality, not mass-produced for bargain sale.
  • Quality – We offer the best product on the market.
  • High-end presentation – A quality stone benchtop imparts quiet elegance and brings out the best in your kitchen. It fits naturally with a modern or classic style.
  • Enduring value – A custom stone benchtop is an investment that will add to your home’s value.
  • Simplicity and ease – You can make a significant upgrade to your kitchen without the inconvenience of tearing it apart for a full remodel.
  • Personal service from a small team – You’ll work directly with Lisa and Clive throughout the process. If you have a question or a problem, they’ll be available to talk with you and find the solution.

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Clive has been making stone benchtops for 10 years and is one of the best in New Zealand. His ability to see possible problems before they happen has enabled him to have a fabulous track record of almost no mistakes when it comes to the benchtop fitting perfectly. Clive is an expert stone mason who’s favorite part of the job is leaving his customer smiling at the end of the day after he has installed their stone benchtop.


Lisa is the lady behind the scenes. She is the creative member in our team who loves to try new ideas and make our business unique and stand out from the crowd. Along with raising 3 kids she designs our website and handles our Public relations. She is also our accounts manager which she hopes to outsource to someone who enjoys numbers!


James has been working with our team for over 3 years. He is an expert organizer and is responsible for most of the shelving and organizational systems in our workshop. He is a brilliant problem solver and is always able to get the job done no matter what. We are so fortunate to have James on our team.



Jesse had his first job at Coromandel benchtops and has grown proffesionally and personally in the last 3 years. He has become an excellent stone polisher and can pump out pretty fine benchtops.


Jean has been working with Coromandel Benchtops for over 2 years and lives in the Philippines. She is our ‘virtual assistant’ and is a pro at pretty much anything that she puts her mind and effort to. From updating our website to invoicing, quoting and answering emails Jean is an irreplaceable member in our team. We hope we will one day meet jean face to face.


We are excited to introduce David to our team. What drew us to Dave was his positive attitude and communication skills we feel these are the most important qualities for our team members to have. Dave is learning the ropes and is fast becoming a crafted benchtop fabricator.