Which engineered stone or quartz is the best product?

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What brand of engineered stone is the best?

Are some brands better than others when it comes to engineered stone?   Short answer, Yes.

Here is a list of worldwide recognized brands Stone Italiana, Santa Margherita, Caesarstone, Technistone, Cosentino (Silestone), Cambria, Seieffe, Quarella, Privilege, Silicalia, Hanwha, AKG, Dupont, Vicostone, Diresco, Falat, ZKM, Pokarna, Quartzforms, LG, Belenco, Samsung, Daelim

In New Zealand only Three of these world wide recognized companies have a real presence and backup.

Ceaserstone:    Israel

Cosentino (Silestone) :  Spain

Quartzforms (Eurostone):  Germany

There are many other names in the New Zealand market but often these are imported from china and just branded here:

Primestone:        China

Pacific Quartz:   China

Trendstone:        China

Uniquartz  :       China

It is often hard to visually tell the difference between the Chinese stones and the European stones however there are more vigorous controls as to the ingredients used with the European companies as the need to meet strict health and safety regulations as well as green standards are adhered to, however, they can be slightly more expensive.  We recommend that you ask for the country of origin to help you make a informed decision when selecting a benchtop.

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