We are excited and extremely proud to bring you our new name and identity: Love My Kitchen Benchtop. We started our business as Coromandel Benchtops in 2010. The vision of bringing local home owners stunning stone benchtops was an exhilarating idea and we launched into the ambitious role of entrepreneurial businesses owners. As we navigated through the journey of creating and owning a business, our unique stamp and point of difference slowly came into focus. We saw our strength in giving customers a unique, personalized service and a product that they will love for many years.







Opening a business was not nearly as easy as we had thought it would be. It has been one of the most challenging adventures that we have taken on. The journey has been one of personal growth and pure grit. Our first business book we read in 2011 was the E-myth by Michael Gerber this opened our eyes to what a business could and should be and that we need to find a way of working on our business and not in it creating a well oiled machine that can run on its own. After that book our business education snowballed as we took in the information we could through podcasts, audiobooks and business mentoring. each day we learnt new principals, faced new problems and continued to refine both ourselves and our business.

On this journey we looked for networking opportunities and since there was not much available in Thames we invited all the businesses we could to a coffee at 7:00 AM and an opportunity to meet fellow business people. That has now grown into a regular business network meeting which we hold once a month and hope to give businesses the opportunity to learn and grow together in the massive journey of entrepreneurship and making a success of it.