More often than not, kitchens with Granite bench tops are very common. Blame it all for its natural beauty, toughness and durability. For these obvious reasons, it’s no wonder that granite bench tops are very popular choices for kitchens. And they do stand out, especially when they are well maintained and taken care of. Like any other stone bench tops, granite bench tops require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Here are some tips to have that well-maintained and cared granite bench tops:

  • Prior to installation, manufacturers place sealers on the bench tops. As much as possible, do re-seal your bench tops twice a year.
  • Although heat resistant by nature, prolonged and constant exposure to extreme thermal change may damage your granite bench top. So never leave hot pans on top of the surface for too long. If it can’t be avoided then it is advisable to use hot pads.
  • Always clean the surface as soon as you spill something on the bench topŠ²’s surface. Lemon juice and vinegars spills may etch the surface while coffee and sauces can stain the surface.
  • Never ever attempt to stand on top of your granite bench tops. Adding on pressure and weight particularly on the edges can cause damage to it.
  • Never attempt to use the surface in place of a cutting board.
  • Always keep the bench top surface clean. Never apply harsh chemicals or cleaners as it might damage the surface instead of cleaning it. Warm water and mild detergents can be used in cleaning the surface. However, it is highly recommended to use cleaners that are specifically made for granite stone such as the Lithofin cleaners for day to day cleaning solution .